The two most expensive versions of the Apple Watch Series 5

The collaboration model with Hermes is the most expensive while the watch uses a ceramic case four times as hard as a regular stainless steel case.

Apple Watch Hermes Series 5
Hermes and Apple, two major brands in the field of technology and luxury fashion, have teamed up to create the Apple Watch Hermes smart watch.

In this fifth generation, the two brands add two new strap models, Dark Art, with details in black tones and Della Cavalleria with motifs of the same name scarf printed on three-color leather straps.

All Apple Watch Hermes Series 5 models use a stainless steel case, with a starting price of $ 1,249 (over 29 million). Among them, the product with a 44 mm watch face and a Single Tour Deployment BuckleHermes strap is priced at $ 1,499 (more than 34.8 million dong), which is the most local version of Apple Watch today.

Apple Watch Edition
In addition to the two main models of aluminum and stainless steel, Apple also announced a limited edition Apple Watch Edition with titanium and ceramic cases. In particular, the highest priced ceramic model is 1,299 USD (over 30 million VND) and 1,399 USD (more than 32,4 million VND) for two types of face sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm.

When introducing the version in the event on 10/9, Apple did not detail the characteristics of the shell, but briefly said the chassis is four times harder than stainless steel and hard to scratch. “Ceramic” is often misunderstood as “ceramic”. In fact, this term refers to the group of inorganic solids, metal films, not only ceramics, tiles … but also glass, diamonds, graphite. Currently, there are about 4,000 types of ceramic in the world.

Ceramic on watches is different from those used in ceramics or cookware. It has a structure similar to the material that NASA uses to build satellites and spacecraft, which are inherently high in hardness, heat resistant and difficult to deform by external forces. Typically, manufacturers create ceramic for watches by combining powdered pure materials with metal compounds. Others combine ceramics powder with an alloy to create a more durable compound.

According to Ablogtowatch, ceramics used in jewelry and high-end watches have three to four times the hardness of stainless steel, which is very difficult to scratch. In addition, it has good corrosion resistance, over 100 degrees Celsius is affected and has good biological compatibility, does not cause allergies. The density of light ceramic is almost three times lower than that of stainless steel and one and a half times that of titanium. Its low consistency, equivalent to aluminum, and high rigidity make it highly applicable to aerospace and military applications, such as bulletproof armor.

The Apple Watch Series 5 does not change the style compared to the fourth generation. The most notable upgrade is the Always-on Display, with LTPO technology that reduces the brightness, reducing the display’s refresh rate from 60 Hz to 1 Hz in sleep mode to save battery power. . Apple’s Smartwach also adds compass and emergency calling in 150 countries by pressing and holding the hard button.

The product will be sold from September 20 with iPhone 11, first in 13 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, English and American. The Apple Watch Hermes version is also on sale at Hermes stores from this day.

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