The reason iPhone 11 appears early in Vietnam

A number of iPhone 11 models were opened in Vietnam just two days after the launch of Apple, although it will not be available until September 20.

The first iPhone 11s arrived in Hanoi on September 13, including purple iPhone 11, black iPhone 11 Pro and yellow iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 13. By September 17, iPhone 11 Pro Max was color. gold also appeared at a store in Ho Chi Minh City with boxes, accessories and LL code, showing that this is a commercial version, for the US market. However, the product has not been used because Apple only opened activation for commercial iPhone 11 from September 20. Previously, some dummy versions of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have been shared in Vietnam since the end of August.

Owners of these iPhones often do not disclose the source details of the device. Phuc Bo, who owns the first three iPhone 11s in Hanoi, said they were a trial version for the network, which was bought from an anonymous source at a “very expensive” price.

Selling price is considered to be a key point for the iPhone to come to Vietnam early, because the source of goods is considered “can be earned” according to the sharing of Anh Tuan, an Apple furniture dealer in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to him, the majority of these iPhone versions are listed “black market” in Hong Kong or mainland China and the problem lies in the “playability” of buyers. If there is demand and accept large sums of money, it is feasible to own iPhone 11 before Apple sells it.

“I have received an offer to buy an iPhone model that is about to sell for about 150 million VND even though the device is only a trial version,” Anh Tuan said.

Early iPhones usually fall into one of three categories: commercial but not yet activated (active) before the date of sale, demos specifically for display in dealers, and test products for carriers or part developers. soft. However, the number of devices is very small and not everyone knows that prices are pushed up.

“The device is rare, expensive but the value is not high, so only those who really admire, use it for business or to promote the image will import it. Why do foreign traders get those machines?” there are many reasons, usually due to the loose management from Apple partners, “said Anh Tuan.

According to Chi Anh, an iPhone seller in Hanoi, because of the huge appeal of the new iPhone, there are employees in Apple’s partner companies who accept losing their jobs to smuggle new products out and sell them at high prices. Therefore, iPhone may appear before the date of sale but the price usually up to hundreds of millions.

In July, CultofMac also talked about a product leak that Apple faced. The company usually does not sue those who leak iPhone images, because it means they confirm the leaked information is true, not to mention they will have to provide confidential information related to the product to the investigating agency. . Most of the products were leaked from partners of Apple, making it unable to handle them thoroughly.

iPhone 11 is also not the first iPhone version to be present in Vietnam before the world. Previously, iPhone 4, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone XS Max appeared in Vietnam early, before Apple sold the product.

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