The patent reveals a foldable device from Microsoft

On October 2, Microsoft will host its next Surface event, and rumors say the company may reveal a foldable Windows 10 device with two screens.

According to PhoneArena, a report from Germany discussing two new Microsoft patents being published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) regarding folding devices.
One of the patents once again discusses the hinge and tells us that it will allow the screen to move in a 360-degree arc shape while supporting different positions if the dual screen is opened. This is reminiscent of past rumored Microsoft Androimeda devices that can work in five locations, including closed, concave, convex, tent mode and fully opened. Certain applications run on the device depending on the orientation of the screen and we may see something similar for the new device. For example, in tent mode, the alarm clock may appear while in convex mode, a screen can display a virtual QWERTY keyboard to simulate the interface of the laptop.

The second patent refers to the use of magnetic closures via magnets mounted inside multiple device faces. This may be part of the technology that will be used by the tablet to determine the position of two screens.
Microrsoft’s foldable device has been reported codenamed Centaurus. Unlike Andromeda (which can be converted from smartphone to tablet), this new device is a tablet and looks like a Surface Go with slightly rounded corners. Centaurus is said to run Microsoft’s cross-platform Windows version called Windows Core OS, which the company wants to target smartphones, tablets and more.

Microsoft’s October 2 event is expected to introduce a Surface Pro 7 tablet and a number of new Surface devices, so the company can completely unpack the Centaurus screen at the event.

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