The Apple product series bears the mark of Jony Ive

For 30 years at Apple, Jony Ive “design genius” in turn created the Apple Park iPhone, iPad, MacBook and “airship” headquarters.

Apple iMac G3
Launched in 1998, the iMac G3 is Apple’s most colorful PC so far (13 colors), including green, blue, red, purple, orange … US companies use plastic material for the device, the entire component is behind the screen similar to the early iMac models. This design is considered more attractive than other competitors with only silver or black and white
Power Mac G4 Cube
Not being as successful as the iMac G3, the Power Mac G4 Cube is still one of Apple’s most famous designs. It has a compact design, a cube-shaped CPU box that is easy to move and assemble. Besides, the device is also rated as fashionable, suitable for many spaces.
Apple’s music player debuted in 2001 and quickly became popular. Unlike products that use CDs, it allows people to carry thousands of songs wherever they are inside a compact box – something that contemporary technology is limited. Wheels that help roll song lists are also attractive on this device.
In 2007, Apple made a strong impression on the smartphone market, which is dominated by Microsoft, Palm, BlackBerry, Motorola … with the iPhone 2G. The advantages such as high-end design, multi-touch screen, ease of use … made iPhone change the face of the mobile market ever since.
Before Apple created the iPad in 2010, many companies launched similar devices but failed. The main modern design, easy to use, big screen … that Ive “blew” has made iPad popular, trusted by millions of people around the world
MacBook Air
When launched, Apple CEO Steve Jobs impressed the audience by pulling the MacBook Air out of the envelope. In 2008, when most laptops were tens of millimeters thick, the appearance of the MacBook Air with a thickness of 14mm made many people surprised. Besides light weight, it is also appreciated for modern design, long battery life, easy-to-use keyboard.
Apple Watch
Before Apple Watch, many electronics companies launched their own smart watches. However, they are not as attractive as traditional watches. When the US company launched its first smartwatch in 2016, the device quickly became popular. With a touch screen and convenient rotary knob and many health features, Apple Watch is the world’s best selling watch model.
When it was first launched, this completely wireless (true wireless) headset was criticized as “spoiled” for its “silly” design. However, it is not difficult to detect it on the ears of many people, from government officials, artists, actors … to ordinary users. According to some experts, Ive’s minimalist philosophy has brought success to AirPods.
Apple Park
Besides technology products, Ive is also the author of the Apple Park “spacecraft” building. The project started in 2004 and opened in May. Not only is the fancy circular design more than the majority of the headquarters of other companies in the world, Apple Park is also fully operated by renewable, environmentally friendly energy.

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