Samsung smartphones dropped sharply before the Note 10 came out

Samsung’s high-end models, like the Galaxy Note9, S10 / S10 +, all dropped several million dong from the previous listing.

Galaxy Note9 – Samsung’s most advanced smartphone 2018 – has the largest price fluctuation in July. On genuine shelves, the product is being sold at a price lower than 3 million compared to a few months ago. Instead of 23 million, 128 GB Note9 down to 19.9 million. In some small stores, this version is still down to 18 million VND, the difference is up to 5 million VND compared to the official price of the company.

The price of Galaxy S10, S10 + – Samsung’s high-end smartphone earlier this year – also changed in the genuine market, down 2 to 3 million VND compared to the listing. For example, S10 is sold at nearly VND 19 million, instead of VND 21 million previously. S10 +, high-end model and larger screen, was 19.4 million, down more than 3 million compared to 23 million at the beginning of the year.

In the portable market, the change is greater than the genuine market. For example, Note9, products imported from the Korean market and the US are between 10 and 12 million dong – on par with mid-range and high-end smartphones and 7 to 9 million dong lower than genuine prices. The Korean version of Galaxy S10 is less than 12 million VND. Galaxy S10 +, 128 GB version of US or Korean goods, all cost less than VND 15 million, VND 4 million lower than genuine machines in Vietnam.

Shop owners all said that Samsung’s high-end smartphones were discounted to make way for the Galaxy Note 10 to launch next month. According to the calendar, Galaxy Note 10 will be released on August 7 in the US and may appear in Vietnam right in August. This is Samsung’s highest-end smartphone in the second half of 2019.

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