Master & Dynamic MW65 – Superior design, smooth sound

The sound equipment maker Master & Dynamic, based in New York, has made a name for itself with its own distinctive headphones with superior materials and excellent sound quality. The company’s latest wireless headset – MW65 – is the first product to feature active noise cancellation and is considered to be the best headset available today.

Different, impressive design
The first impression of the MW65 is that it looks just like a high-end headset with leather trim, folded hinges and shiny black sheepskin ear pads. The advantage of this headset is that the material is made of anodized aluminum instead of stainless steel, so the MW65 is lighter than the previous earphones and feels comfortable to use. Besides, the integrated quick access button for virtual assistant Google Assistant is also an interesting feature of MW65. The sad thing is that MW65 does not fit users with small head sizes.
Stable, low noise connection
Although the Bluetooth connection of MW65 is only in 4.2 or because of Bluetooth 5.0, it is stable and has little noise. The headset is compatible with most iOS or Android phones and has a range of up to 20 meters.
The MW65 headset has absolutely no problems when making calls. Callers and listeners can all hear clearly thanks to two noise-reducing ear pads and active noise technology. However, the headset does not have the sidetone feature, which allows users to listen to their voice inside the headset to limit the talk too loudly, thinking at the price of 499 USD (about 11 million 600 thousand dong). Listen should be equipped with this feature.
Sound quality is smooth
“The rich, warm, smooth sound, full of accurate details” is what Master & Dynamic promises in this MW65 headset. Compared to the Sony WH-1000XM3 headset with stronger bass range, larger volume or Beoplay H9i from Bang & Olufsen for a brighter treble range, MW65’s sound quality is quite easy to hear, balanced and smooth for you. Feel comfortable listening for long periods without tinnitus, discomfort.
For an active noise-canceling headset like MW65, the ability to reproduce details is quite good, the sound bands are separate and the mid-range sound is balanced throughout the entire soundstage. The bass range of MW65 is still expanded with good sound depth and decay. The sound is clear, rich with a comfortable melody, ideal for listening to music for hours. The treble sound is sweet, pleasant and airy, does not cause fatigue when listening to the climax.
Good noise resistance
Active noise protection on MW65 headsets has two levels. At the highest level, headphones can completely eliminate continuous low-pitched sounds such as traffic in the city, loud screeches of large cars, fan sounds, etc. At low levels will do reduce noise from talkers, phone calls or doorbells. Despite turning on active noise protection, MW65 still delivers natural sound. However, the active noise resistance of MW65 is still inferior to that of the Bose Quietcomfort 35 II in completely isolating all background noise.
Long battery life and fast charging
The battery life of MW65 at 24 hours is continuous with moderate volume. In the best test conditions, the headset can be used up to four days without recharging. The charging port of the headset belongs to the new USB-C standard and features fast charging for 15 minutes in exchange for several hours of music playback.
The MW65 headset is a product that represents the first breakthrough of Master & Dynamic in the production of active noise-canceling headphones with a familiar Retro design. Although the active noise protection mode doesn’t completely isolate all background noise, the headset works well to eliminate most noise while still keeping a warm, natural sound. Not only about the ability to play music, but also the conversational capabilities of MW65 are specifically improved, the sound quality of the microphone is clearer when operating with noise protection.
At $ 499, the MW65 is truly a different-looking ear, using high-end materials that incorporate extended features and impressive wireless connectivity.

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