iPhone 11 is the last smartphone with Lightning port

Apple is expected to remove Lightning on iPhone from 2020 to make room for USB Type-C, which means iPhone 2019 is the last product to use this port.

According to 9to5mac, Apple will still launch the same three new iPhones last year. The new device code-named turn-by-turn D42 is iPhone XS, D43 to replace iPhone XS Max and N104 to replace iPhone XR. The three still use Lightning port, contrary to some speculation that Cupertino (USA) replaced with USB Type-C similar to iPad last year.

However, the source said that these are also the last iPhone to use the connection since iPhone 5 (2012). Through 2020, all Apple smartphones will be integrated with Type-C USB for faster charging and data transfer.

Some experts say that it is correct to switch to USB Type-C. However, the reaction of US electronics companies seems to be slower than other carriers for many years. “I think Apple should integrate USB Type-C on iPhone X (2017) instead of waiting until 2020. That’s the perfect time. Change will be Apple’s strong message of a future where every device Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, “said The Verge’s Dieter Bohn.

In January, Forbes reported that Apple is testing the iPhone with a Type-C USB port and can integrate it into the iPhone this year. But according to MacOtakara, the device will still use Lightning because it involves production costs and profits.

With still loyal to Lightning, iPhone 2019 is more likely to use the old 5W charging bulb in the box instead of the fast charging with higher capacity. According to Phonearena, this can be considered a big disadvantage for iPhone users, because other Android firms such as Samsung or Huawei use fast charging tubers, which exceed 50W.

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