iPhone 11 – excellent in the price range

Of the three phones announced by Apple on September 10, the iPhone 11 is $ 300 cheaper, but the configuration is not inferior.

The trio of new generation iPhones have been shipped to a number of product reviewers in the US. While not as focused on the experience as the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 11 is still considered a good value for money and suitable for the majority of users.

Editor of Nilay Patel of Verge technology site regretted praise: “iPhone 11 is the product that most iPhone users, if they are planning to change their new device, should choose. It is an excellent phone model. “One of the best camera systems I’ve ever used on a phone, and it has great battery life. It’s also priced at $ 699, $ 50 cheaper than the price of the iPhone XR when it launched last year.”

However, “excellent” does not mean the iPhone 11 is the perfect phone model, or the best configuration and features on the market, but because it makes users happy with all the roles it plays. If you want to own new technologies such as OLED displays, three cameras … and have plenty of money, users can spend an additional $ 300-400 to buy iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max or find options. Other Android

“Should I upgrade to an iPhone 11? If you’re using an iPhone older than the XR and want to change phones, the answer is yes. Improved cameras and good battery life – two factors most people care about “You should only spend more money on the iPhone 11 Pro if you really care about the screen,” Patel said.

Concurrently, Engadget’s Chris Velazco also called the iPhone 11 “the best iPhone for the majority of users”, emphasizing the camera and battery life. The screen uses old technology (LCD) also mentioned, but he said that the difference is not a problem in daily use when compared to the OLED of iPhone 11 Pro.

“The iPhone 11 has almost everything that appears on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. If you’re using an iPhone 2018, you don’t need to think about the iPhone 11, but for those who are older, the iPhone 11 is the easy choice. “, Velazco said.

Meanwhile, Wired’s Lauren Goode found that the iPhone 11 is still equipped with many of the old points of the iPhone XR, such as a 6.1-inch LCD screen, no fingerprint sensor under the screen and the dual camera system is not new. compared to Android rivals. It’s not a “Pro” phone with the latest improvements. However, this is a device worth users to upgrade because it shares the A13 chip with iPhone 11 Pro but is cheaper to 300 USD.

CNet page rated 9/10 for iPhone 11 after adding the criteria of screen, camera, performance and features. Editor Scott Stein called the iPhone 11 “the best mid-range iPhone Apple has ever made,” especially in terms of dual camera quality and battery life.

“Monitors with Super Retina XDR technology on the Pro line theoretically have a higher resolution, display images are more vivid and brighter than the iPhone 11. But when placed next to each other, most users hardly notice the difference. Rabbit ears are still the same, I don’t like at least getting used to its existence, “Stein said.

As for batteries, USA Today says the iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR, while the Wall Street Journal has been experiencing it all day long but the battery is still 15% at 23:30.

The trio of iPhone 11s were launched on September 20 in 13 countries, but USA Today said that, although the iPhone 11 is “great”, users don’t need to rush to collect money and buy it immediately.

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