ICCID code continues to be blocked by Apple

“Life” of the iPhone lock line in Vietnam is still not a peaceful day when living with the scene every time is blocked by Apple.

Specifically, in the morning of July 20, on many forums about iPhone lock (network lock version) in Vietnam, there were many information sharing about the situation of the users about the ICCID code used for Activating iPhone lock (iPhone lock) has been blocked by Apple.

The situation of iPhone lock device is blocked is reflected a lot, most of them said that after installing the SIM to activate the device, they receive a warning message “Activation error”.

Sharing about the status of iPhone lock, Mr. Tung, a phone technician said, this block of iPhone lock this Apple has “intensity” much stronger than the previous time. Previously, Apple usually blocked only a few codes, this time all ICCID codes used to activate iPhone lock (iPhone lock) were blocked by Apple. Every attempt to try ICCID code is hopeless. Not only that, ICCID codes are also blocked on all iOS versions like iOS 11, 12 or even iOS 13 beta.

Tips for users of iPhone lock in the current time if the device is still in normal use, it should remain the same, do not change sim, restore and upgrade the software.

ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) ​​is the SIM number. Each series of ICCID numbers usually consists of 19 or 20 characters. They are printed on the SIM card surface and stored inside the SIM memory. Each ICCID number sequence is unique and is a unique identification feature for the SIM card, similar to the identity card number or bank account.

ICCID principle is unique, however, to save time and cost, some SIM manufacturers write this ICCID code on multiple SIM and export to the market. This SIM intentionally or intentionally will be activated on many different iPhones (probably intentionally paired by SIM manufacturers).

Apple’s server when triggering multiple ICCID multiple times on different networks, will default to this SIM as SIM Unlock. This results in permission to unlock the SIM card with this ICCID code. This is the vulnerability grafted by SIM makers.

In the past, Apple has tightened and dealt with the lock line. Therefore, the paired SIM cards are disabled in turn. After each time, the manufacturers have to change the ICCID code to update the SIM cards to the new version to bypass Apple.

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