Huawei’s most premium phone has so many components from the US

The amount of American-made parts on the Huawei P30 Pro only accounts for a very small proportion but plays an important and high-value role.

Nikkei has conducted dissection of P30 Pro, Huawei’s most advanced phone today, to analyze internal components. Japanese daily newspaper said the Chinese telecommunications company used 15 parts made by US manufacturers, out of 1,631 details that make up the product.

The P30 Pro is Huawei’s most advanced phone

Specifically, DRAM on the P30 Pro is manufactured by Micron, a media semiconductor of Skyworks Solutions, toughened glass provided by Corning, MIPI switches made by Texas Instruments … are US companies. The number of parts manufactured by the US accounts for 0.9%, but its value is large, about 59.36 USD in total cost of 363.83 USD for components, equivalent to 16.3%.

The number of components manufactured by Japanese companies accounted for the highest proportion on the P30 Pro (53.2%), followed by Korea (34.4%), Taiwan (5%) and from China. 4.9%. Low domestic components but its value on Huawei smartphones is the highest, 138.6 USD, equivalent to 38.1%.

There is no information about Huawei changing to another provider after President Trump’s government banned US companies from doing business with Chinese telecommunications companies. However, Huawei is said to have stocked up enough components for a year. According to Reuters, Micron and Intel may have returned to Chinese companies despite the US government embargo.

Quantity and value of components on Huawei P30 Pro calculated according to production areas.

Resuming sales to Huawei will help Chinese companies continue to produce smartphones, servers, and show that the Trump administration will be difficult to control companies they consider a national security threat like Huawei. It also signaled the big impact of ceasing business with Huawei, which each year spent $ 11 billion on US technology companies.

In May, the US Department of Commerce put Huawei on the entity list, but then allowed US companies to continue to sell technology to Huawei to produce current products until August. whether the device that US companies sold to Huawei since June was used to develop new products.

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