Facebook and Ray-Ban produce AR glasses

Facebook is expected to partner with a well-known eyewear brand to launch a smart phone that will function as a phone.

According to The Information, this AR glasses, codenamed Stella, marks the collaboration between Facebook and Luxottica – the world’s largest maker of eyeglasses, the owner of the Ray-Ban brand.

Smart glasses integrated augmented reality (AR) technology is one of the areas of Facebook interest and development investment. Stella is expected to be available in the market in 2023-2025. Most likely, Facebook will introduce another product, codenamed Orion, that also has advanced features.

Stella is said to be able to make phone calls and interact via a small screen inside, which sounds similar to the previous Google Glass model. In addition, a camera mounted on the glass helps users to stream livestream to Facebook. Orion and Stella are expected to operate independently, without connecting to smartphones, even replacing smartphones in many cases.

When marketed, Facebook’s smart glasses will become a rival to Snap Spectacles. Snapchat glasses have a youthful design, integrated camera for users to record all everyday photos and share on Snapchat. Meanwhile, the collaboration with manufacturer Luxottica promises to bring a product that converges both Ray-Ban’s fashion and Facebook’s smart technology.

Besides Facebook and Snapchat, many sources confirmed that Apple will also introduce AR smart glasses in 2021.

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