China introduced reconnaissance submarines to simulate sharks

China’s unmanned aerial submarine simulated as a reconnaissance shark at a depth of 150 m.

In the framework of a military exhibition held in Beijing, China’s defense industry has introduced many unmanned submarine models simulating marine organisms, said website Mil.Huanqiu.

In particular, the shark-shaped unmanned submarine model attracted the attention of foreign military experts. According to the manufacturer’s statement, a shark-shaped submarine is designed to perform underwater reconnaissance missions. It can operate at a depth of 150 m.

The nose of the shark submarine is equipped with a sensor system, which can be both hydro-sound locating to gather intelligence. Its tail can move like a real fish tail. The specs of the shark submarine have not been revealed.

The shapely shark hydrodynamic design increases camouflage ability, helping it blend in with the marine environment and easily bypass reconnaissance equipment.

In addition to shark submarines, Chinese producers also introduced robots with smaller fish formations. These robots are designed for the task of collecting intelligence and monitoring short distances. Their technical characteristics and operating time have not been published.

Besides, in recent years, China has also invested heavily in the development of unmanned aerial drones, serving for reconnaissance missions.

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