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iPhone 4 is the inspiration for iPhone 11

iPhone 11 has just been launched by Apple changed from the naming, design language to camera features similar to the iPhone 4 in the past. Apple introduced iPhone 4 in early June 2010. If the previous iPhone

Apple is focusing on developing the camera

When introducing the iPhone 11 trio, Apple directed users’ attention to the camera more than any other feature. During the launch, the Apple representative spent the most time talking about the imaging capabilities of the new phone

The two most expensive versions of the Apple Watch Series 5

The collaboration model with Hermes is the most expensive while the watch uses a ceramic case four times as hard as a regular stainless steel case. Apple Watch Hermes Series 5 Hermes and Apple, two major brands

iPhone 11 Pro Max first to Vietnam

iPhone 11 Pro Max commercial version with LL code of the US market is present in Vietnam four days before being officially sold. The product case holds the old design but is black in color similar to

Oppo smartphones fully charge the battery in 30 minutes

Reno Ace uses 65W charging standard, fully charges the battery in under 30 minutes, much faster than Oppo VOOC 3.0 technology. A video of charging process for a new smartphone was uploaded to Oppo on Weibo official