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Instant food in a meal has many dishes

Ngoc Ha (27 years old, office worker in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) woke up. Living alone in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha chose an inn near the company to save time, forgot anything and was

Jaw dislocations due to laughing too loud

Continuing to win the video game on the train to Guangzhou, the woman laughed with excitement, suddenly her face stiffened and unable to close her jaw. Train staff at the beginning of September sounded a call for

Save the life of a girl with a finger

The 18-year-old girl was taken to Tri Le commune infirmary in the state of poisoning due to eating finger leaves, cyanosis, difficulty breathing, weak pulse. Doctors Don Bien Tri Le quickly coordinated emergency care for patients, using

Handling heat shock in cars

Patients should be hypothermia immediately by applying ice to the groin and armpit neck, then taken to the hospital. Heat shock is a disease characterized by an increase in body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, accompanied by

MC Thanh Phương prepares his breakfast quickly

She prepared raw materials so every morning it only takes 30 minutes to process spaghetti, oatmeal porridge, fried rice …. for her son to get enough nutrition to go to class. It didn’t take time to think