Apple is focusing on developing the camera

When introducing the iPhone 11 trio, Apple directed users’ attention to the camera more than any other feature.

During the launch, the Apple representative spent the most time talking about the imaging capabilities of the new phone model. In addition, the company’s marketing director once shared that the camera is his favorite part of his new phone. CEO Tim Cook also said it hired up to 800 engineers and experts just to upgrade photography features for the new iPhone.

According to independent analyst Neil Cybart, this is a sign that camera technology is an area Apple believes will help iPhone make a breakthrough as well as different from rivals like Samsung or Huawei. Jeriel Ong, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, also thinks the camera is what says everything about the iPhone 11.

Analysts have previously rated the products of rival Apple companies to have a better camera than the iPhone, in a sense. These companies are also racing to launch smartphones with multiple cameras to improve the quality of photos and user experience.

Annette Zimmer, an expert from market research firm Gartner, explained that cameras are the features that users are most interested in and often make the most breakthroughs. Changes and upgrades on the phone camera are easy to identify. This is like a simple review for users before deciding whether to buy or not.

If compared with appearance, the new iPhone trio is not too different from the first “notch” model, X, except the camera. The iPhone 11 comes with two cameras, one wide and one standard, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max also have a telephoto lens. “In a weird way, the number of cameras on an iPhone is a sign of model identification,” Neil Cybart wrote.

In addition to the number of cameras, Apple also integrates many new features for the phone camera, for example, Night Mode, Deep Fusion technology uses the core processing artificial intelligence algorithm to improve quality. Photograph.

The reason why the company is focusing on improving the camera for the new iPhone is simple: their customers care about the quality of photos and use their phones regularly to capture life’s moments. A survey of the Flickr photo hosting site shows that the iPhone is the most used phone to take photos and upload to this website.

However, experts say these improvements have not helped Apple reach the leading position in the market because the integration of three cameras has been made by its rivals.

Om Malik, a venture capital expert, said the introduction of professional cameras on smartphones has led to a sharp drop in traditional camera sales. Sales of digital cameras in 2018 reached 20 million, down to 100 million compared to 2008. According to market research firm IDC, last year, Apple sold 218 million iPhones and total sales. The number of smartphones sold in this period reached 1.4 billion devices.

“By selling millions of phones every year, companies like Apple, Google, Samsung or Huawei can spend billions of dollars to invest in researching and improving cameras on smartphones, not including software upgrades. and algorithms. These better microprocessors, sensors and algorithms will make the future of people belong to computer photography, “said Om Malik.

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